Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Follies

Sometimes, it's better to say nothing at all.


Flow Fest

We will be serving some Hairy Porter and Deuce Imperial Ale @ 5pm, show your support for your local community.  See you there!

Deuce Imperial Ale on Draft

Start your weekend right at B & J's with a pint of Deuce Imperial Ale!!! 

The Deuce is an assertively hopped beer that is amber in color, with hints of caramel. 

Style, you ask?  It's not a fashion show!

Ode to the beer nerd,

We declare no style
Except for good
Sit and drink a while
And style is understood


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Follies

Yeast, by Christian Stablein

If you would let me confide
For in this one moment, I can speak
Provide me Monosaccharide
For without, mitosis will be meek

To Pasteur your glass should be raised
For I do not care if you Drink
Just treat me well and be amazed
I am the missing link

Growing, Budding, Splitting, Repeat
You’re lucky I’m small and have no malice
A single cell organism, who ironically cannot be beat
My Peace is offered before I leave; Forever I will fill your Chalice

Very moving random internet yeast centric guy, I was not aware beer "poetry" existed. Have a safe weekend.

Stop by for a pint, Cheers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Green Mild

The Green Mild is on Tap!  Come and get you some!!!

You might be asking yourself what is a Mild?  First a Mild is a beer style not a picante sauce, if you have not figured that out, I beg you, please try and keep up.  A Mild is a light-flavored, malt-accented beer that is readily suited to drinking in quantity.  A refreshing, yet flavorful beer.

This is not that BEER

So you may ask why we call it a MILD?  Because here in the states we do not live a mild life style compared to the gents across the pond. 

Our Mild is their Bold 

So adopt our style of a traditional Mild and go Bold, brewed right here in your local community.

Be Bold, Drink Green Mild!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Surlee Live @ the SPID Location!

Tomorrow night, St. Patrick’s Day, stop by the SPID location and catch some bad ass instrumentals from Surlee Rock @ 8PM!!!  


We have not had live music at B&J's for a long time so come by and show your support.  After that head over to the Staples Location for some Hand Crafted Texas Ales!!!

Cheers Y'all,

Alaskan IPA

Another SPID Tap Handle Porn Moment....

Thanks Alyssa!

Friday Follies

For the Fellas

For the Ladies

Have a fun and safe weekend!


Laguna Madre Pale Ale

The Laguna Madre Pale Ale  on draft this weekend.
We are very lucky to live in a place with such a diverse and wild ecosystem in such close proximity to our city. It is difficult for commercial and residential areas to be so close to such habitats and still preserve its functionality and God given beauty. This beer is for you Corpus, for being some of the best conservationists in the world, whether you knew it or not. 
So raise a glass, tie a fly, and pay homage to the natural system that so many of us Enjoy and Love!!! 

Cheers to you and all your Red fish, you salty Bastard!!!

St. Patrick's Day!!! Big LaSTOUTski

Greetings Nation tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day come on by and drink some
Big LaSTOUTski,

 The Dude Abides and so should you, come and get a pint!!!


Saturday, March 10, 2012


We here at B&J's believe in our community and what it has to offer.  In our case, GREAT BEER!!!  The brewers at B&J's are avid members of the LOCAL home brew club, The Bay Area Society of Home Brewers.  This year a certain member, Wild Bill Lehfeld, swept the competition like diphtheria epidemic of Nome, and graciously collaborated with we brewers, similar to the original Iditarod musher and dogs had done years ago. Again, 


 This beer is the first collaboration with the local home brew club that calls themselves B.A.S.H.  Wild Bill has named this beer, THUNDACLAPP, after his trip in Saigon where no amount of penicillin could change his mind. Cheers Bill, it was a pleasure brewing with you and we cannot wait to collaborate with B.A.S.H. next year. Come and get it!!!

By the way, this is the brewer of the year?



Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Follies



Drink B&J's, Save the Planet!!!

Want to go Green?
Think about this, to get a pint of your favorite Ale, let’s say a certain beer out of Chico, California, how does it get to, lets say, Corpus Christi?  Trucks!  The distance from Chico to Corpus Christi is 1,964 miles, let’s call it 2000 miles.  The average 18 Wheeler with a full load, in this case BEER, gets around 5-7 miles per gallon of gas.  It takes 400 gallons of gas to get your pint filled!  By demanding that your favorite beer be served at your local bar means that 400 gallon carbon foot print belongs to you!   That is just one trip; another truck is already on the road.  On average personal vehicles are driven 12,000 miles a year, depending on your vehicle, adding just one beer run from Chico to Corpus doubles the fuel you would have used the entire year!!! 
Now you may have figured out that I am referring to Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I am simply using their location as an example, Sierra Nevada is one of the greenest production facilities in the United States.  They just recently announced that they are opening a new brewery on the east coast to combat the "truck issue".   Check out their sustainability report:
So, with all the talk and effort to go green, you don’t need to go buy a hybrid, just buy local and especially Drink Local.
This St. Patty’s Day don’t drink cheap green beer that is actually harming our environment as well as your dignity, come to B&J’s Pizza and drink a delicious sustainable "green" beer.

Long story short:  Drink B&J's Save the Planet!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cascadian Dark Ale

Is it Black India Pale Ale, India Black Ale, or Cascadian Dark Ale? 
In Corpus we respect the hops grown in the Pacific North West region of America known as Cascadia, and respectfully label the style Cascadian Dark Ale.  So, we at B&J's Pizza and Hand Crafted Texas Ales decided to brew a Cascadian Dark Ale. This beer has roasty complexity and a black body brought to it by a dehusked black malt known as Carafa II.  This roasty backbone is put in check by its Cascadian roots.  Chinook, Magnum, Centennial, Cascade, and Citra hops were all liberally added to this brew giving it a distinctive pine and citrus flavor and smell. So screw the oxymoron known as Black India Pale Ale and the spineless India Black Ale, and join us Friday March 2nd and raise a pint of Cascadian Dark Ale, Cheers to the Pacific North West!!! 

The Cascadian region consists of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and the Southern tip of British Columbia.  This region contains some of the best places in the world to grow hops, including the Yakima and Willamette Valleys.  Say it Will-Am-Ette Dammit!!

Flag of the Commonwealth of Cascadia

Although it has been discussed in the early hours of the morning in many taverns throughout the region, the odds of Cascadia actually seceding from the states and also grabbing a portion of a Canadian province is unlikely, but they sure do grow great Hops!

See you at B & J's


Craft Breweries Per Million People

Add one more for Texas!