Sunday, February 10, 2013

We are YOUR Local Brewpub

Well, for the time being we say goodbye to our Belgian Yeast.  It has been a blast supplying Corpus Christi with Belgian Beers, including Saisons.  We were told we could not sell Belgians, but our town loved them and drained the tanks.  We will start to produce English Ales and American Ales for the next few months. This will include Milds to Bitters, Pales to IPA's, and of course our Porter. We will be offering our Vic's Poteet Strawberry Blonde in April.  This year we are traveling directly to a Award Winning Strawberry Farm to obtain the delicious berries.

So stay tuned and remember, We are YOUR local Brewpub and that means a lot to Us!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

1st Year Anniversary

A year has passed, and WE are still here.  A lot of people thought a brewpub in Corpus Christi would never work. They called us Crazy.  Well, you have to be a little crazy these days. We Cheers to you Corpus for proving that our town is a Crazy town that enjoys local products, including quality beer.  We brewed 87 batches of beer this year, running our system twice each time. We have enjoyed every moment of it, from all the broken pumps and hot water burns to some of the best moments when our beer is flowing in to the glasses of true patrons and friends.  It has truly been B&J's Pizza and Hand Crafted Texas Ales pleasure and honor to serve you quality products.

We would like to invite you to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary Friday, February 15th.  We will have some very delicious offerings, including Hairy Porter, Sour Rye Table Ale, and a Cask of our 1st Anniversary Ale.  We have plans for expansion this year, we cannot wait to celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary!

Check out Southwest Brew News.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jingle Belgian Ale Recipe

Seems that our City by the Sea really enjoyed our latest Seasonal,  Jingle Belgian Ale. So we decided to release a scaled down recipe. C'mon Homebrewers show us what you got!!

Recipe Name:
 Jingle Belgian Ale
Batch volume =

Pre Boil Volume =     

Weight (lbs)
Simpsons Malt
Pearl Malt
Special "B"


Yeast:  WLP 545 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast

Mash Statistics
Mash Temp:
Mash Volume (gal)
Sparge Temp:

OG: 1.072 (this will depend on your efficiency, 1.068-1.074 will produce a similar product)

If you have any questions PLEASE contact me through this blog, via email, or catch me at the Brewery.


Friday, August 31, 2012

A Moment for Yeast

As we look to history, scientifically and socially, natural selection is the ultimate beta test.  The impressive trials and errors that leave some void and others valid.  Perhaps the void were the fair and square and the valid were, well more like a rhombus, a well-known trait by most bonifides (bone-a-feet-ees). 

But I regress, why is the obvious mentioned, perhaps the author has severe brain trauma or sheer incomprehensible genius, although unlikely.  What does this have to do with brewing? A reasonable question directed at the unreasonable, for no one would keep reading garrulous chatter if ‘twas not for the love of beer. 

For the love of YEAST

As brewers evolved so did our yeast, perhaps they had some sort of body snatching quality to cause mentioned humanoid to abandon society, with nothing left for shelter but a inhospitable lean-to shelter made from tattered malt sacks held together by post boil IIPA aftermath, gallons of barley wine to keep warm, and with only a mash paddle for defense against, well the zombies of course. Anyhow, our friend yeast, specifically Saccharomyces cerevisiae, your common Ale strain, is an impressive species of yeast.  There are more than 100 different strains sold on the market today.  Genetically very similar, as humans are to one other, but individually yeast exhibit very different characteristics from strain to strain.  Every beer one has ever drank relies on specific healthy strains to produce that beer, no brewer is shy about a recipe, but most are cautious about their yeast.  So respect the little guy next time you quaff a pint or sip a liter, for one time or another we have all experienced the benefits yeast has to offer.  So as you read this perpetual run-on sentence and wonder if the sanatorium is admitting today, remember the universe if infinitely large, but like-wise it is infinitely small, and the small things definitely count when it comes to your pint glass.

So, is loving a single cellular fungus that is approximately 10 microns long and 5 microns wide wrong?  Well we got an election coming up, don't we...


Friday, August 17, 2012

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been

It has been a fun 6 months!  We have been able to serve a couple casks, have some parties, and make over 35 styles of beer.  The best part about this experience has been turning customers into friends over freshly brewed Craft beer.  Not just the brewers but every member of B&J’s has been involved and affected by overwhelming  appreciation and acceptance of a small Brewpub in our modest town on the bay.  We have been able to donate our beer to small local businesses and nonprofit organizations to help promote their brand, we feel that free craft beer can get anybody’s attention.  It has been our pleasure to enhance our local economy and spread the message of Craft beer even further. 

I started brewing beer at an early age, a little too early according to Johnny Law, and like our Head Brewer, I knew this was it; I would have a MASH paddle on my Tomb Stone!  Very rapidly, a hobby became an obsession.  Brewing multiple times a week, culturing yeast, growing hops, and crazy experiments. Eventually Old Red Beard and I knew it was time to pitch yeast or dump the wort.  A little business here, a negotiation there, and B&J’s Pizza was now a Brewpub and it felt good. Did I mention Jack, Kathy, and Chris ROCK, it’s true.

So where do we go from here?  We plan to expand one way or another, we are implementing a barrel program in the coming future to age beer in wine barrels and potentially bourbon barrels, we have begun a small sour ale program that will only get larger as time goes on, we will always pursue excellence in fermentation and yeast maintenance and propagation, many more casks to come in the future, and of course much more BEER!!!

Thanks for all the good times B&J’s NATION!!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Goin' Sour

Well we said we were going to do it and we did, Sour Ales in Corpus Christi!!!  We are very proud to be the first brewers in South Texas and one of only a few in Texas that produce ales with these characteristics.  Many a sour has been made at home and the general response that I get when sour ale is offered is "Sour?”  Yes, sour, refreshingly sour!!! Sour ales are generally dry, and consequently refreshing and easy to drink.  Other breweries avoid these beers because of the time and effort that go in to brewing and aging them along with a general misunderstand of the style.  Well, I’ll tell ya, we certainly understand and love this style.  The first sour ale to hit the taps is our Sour Raspberry Porter.  Subtle chocolate and raspberry notes are present with a dry tart finish. Let this beer warm up to really explore its complexity.  This is a onetime offering and it won't last long so don’t delay.  Come be a part of South Texas brewing history and Get Crafty Drink Local!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oyster Stout

Warm summer nights, salt in the air, the gulf on the horizon

Living on the gulf coast is truly a gift.  Sure it gets hot, and we all know that is an understatement, but having nature in your backyard is inspiring.  Sitting on a porch eating fresh seafood, drinking good beer is something we at B&J's are all about. 

This past weekend I was sitting on a dilapidated couch in a friend’s back yard (par usual around these parts) shucking gulf coast oysters enjoying a well-balanced American Pale Ale.  This felt right. Head Brewer Kyle was trying to get them all on the BBQ pit before I could eat them all.  I think he won the race, but I got my fill.  There is something special about all things local such as Gulf Coast oysters, growing a garden, shopping local, eating local and of course drinking local.  This is what we are meant to do.  Don’t rush, relax, have a conversation, enjoy a nice meal, and maybe a beer or two.  It’s time to get back to the basics.  Hmmm, where was I? All dem’ oysters must really make a man ramble.... 

With all that being said those Oysters on the pit must have inspired a brewer to make beer with oysters.  Now, before you cast yer' judgment, let’s take some time and go back in brewistory:

Historically oysters were an abundant source of food.  So abundant that many pubs gave them away for free, kind of like peanuts these days.  Did I mention oysters are an aphrodisiac?  Now during this time period the most popular beer was the Stout, later replaced by the pale ale, but that is a different story.  Now all these stouts and oysters got some brewers thinkin', and typically once ideas are mentioned in a brewery they become reality, and in this case beer with oysters. 

A beer brewed on the Gulf Coast with Gulf Coast oysters, come on Get Crafty Drink Local!  Stay tuned for this local treat in the coming weeks.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grain Order





Friday, June 8, 2012

Pints for Pooches Tonight!!!

Friday June 8th, come out and support a local non-profit organization For the Love of Strays.  This year alone they have found forever homes for over 140 pups!!! 

From 7 pm - 9 pm we will be giving a share of the revenue from each pint of beer to benefit their cause.  From our owners to the Kitchen, we are all animal lovers at B&J's and it is our pleasure to be a part of such a good cause.  All too often do we see neglected animals, a delicious Pint is a great start changing the problem this city faces

For more information on opening hearts and homes to stray dogs visit their website:

We hope to see you tonight!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey, y'all. BASH is again participating in the American Homebrewer's Association (AHA) Big Brew 2012

All participating clubs will brew the same two recepies on SATURDAY, 5 May, in a public forum. We will demonstrate all grain brewing and extract only brewing techniques that day. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!

Our brew will take place at 1609 Sprucewood Dr, behing the La Quinta on SPID near B&J's Pizza. We will start around 11 AM, with a toast, world wide, to homebrewing at noon central. We will wrap up by 4 PM. No food or beer will be provided but you may bring your own and join with us in the day.

Hope to see all of you who are interested in seeing how easy it is to create your own beers.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Moustache is Back!!!

Mr. Moustache Hefeweizen is in kegs and will be served this weekend.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Real Ale and B&J's Cask Night!!!

Come by April 10th and drink some Cask Ale with the guys from Real Ale and the B&J's Crew.

It's going to be a great time and an opportunity to drink some of the best beer in Texas.

Mr. Moustache Hefeweizen on Draft!!!

Come get a Pint! 

Original art work done by Mr. Moustache himself Kevin Nelson! 

Cheers to the Moustache!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

B&J's Hop Farm!!!

The beginning of B&J's Hop Farm.  Nugget and Cascade variety planted.  

Wish us luck!!!

Nugget hop doing its thing, more to come!!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Follies

Sometimes, it's better to say nothing at all.


Flow Fest

We will be serving some Hairy Porter and Deuce Imperial Ale @ 5pm, show your support for your local community.  See you there!

Deuce Imperial Ale on Draft

Start your weekend right at B & J's with a pint of Deuce Imperial Ale!!! 

The Deuce is an assertively hopped beer that is amber in color, with hints of caramel. 

Style, you ask?  It's not a fashion show!

Ode to the beer nerd,

We declare no style
Except for good
Sit and drink a while
And style is understood


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Follies

Yeast, by Christian Stablein

If you would let me confide
For in this one moment, I can speak
Provide me Monosaccharide
For without, mitosis will be meek

To Pasteur your glass should be raised
For I do not care if you Drink
Just treat me well and be amazed
I am the missing link

Growing, Budding, Splitting, Repeat
You’re lucky I’m small and have no malice
A single cell organism, who ironically cannot be beat
My Peace is offered before I leave; Forever I will fill your Chalice

Very moving random internet yeast centric guy, I was not aware beer "poetry" existed. Have a safe weekend.

Stop by for a pint, Cheers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Green Mild

The Green Mild is on Tap!  Come and get you some!!!

You might be asking yourself what is a Mild?  First a Mild is a beer style not a picante sauce, if you have not figured that out, I beg you, please try and keep up.  A Mild is a light-flavored, malt-accented beer that is readily suited to drinking in quantity.  A refreshing, yet flavorful beer.

This is not that BEER

So you may ask why we call it a MILD?  Because here in the states we do not live a mild life style compared to the gents across the pond. 

Our Mild is their Bold 

So adopt our style of a traditional Mild and go Bold, brewed right here in your local community.

Be Bold, Drink Green Mild!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Surlee Live @ the SPID Location!

Tomorrow night, St. Patrick’s Day, stop by the SPID location and catch some bad ass instrumentals from Surlee Rock @ 8PM!!!  


We have not had live music at B&J's for a long time so come by and show your support.  After that head over to the Staples Location for some Hand Crafted Texas Ales!!!

Cheers Y'all,

Alaskan IPA

Another SPID Tap Handle Porn Moment....

Thanks Alyssa!

Friday Follies

For the Fellas

For the Ladies

Have a fun and safe weekend!


Laguna Madre Pale Ale

The Laguna Madre Pale Ale  on draft this weekend.
We are very lucky to live in a place with such a diverse and wild ecosystem in such close proximity to our city. It is difficult for commercial and residential areas to be so close to such habitats and still preserve its functionality and God given beauty. This beer is for you Corpus, for being some of the best conservationists in the world, whether you knew it or not. 
So raise a glass, tie a fly, and pay homage to the natural system that so many of us Enjoy and Love!!! 

Cheers to you and all your Red fish, you salty Bastard!!!

St. Patrick's Day!!! Big LaSTOUTski

Greetings Nation tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day come on by and drink some
Big LaSTOUTski,

 The Dude Abides and so should you, come and get a pint!!!


Saturday, March 10, 2012


We here at B&J's believe in our community and what it has to offer.  In our case, GREAT BEER!!!  The brewers at B&J's are avid members of the LOCAL home brew club, The Bay Area Society of Home Brewers.  This year a certain member, Wild Bill Lehfeld, swept the competition like diphtheria epidemic of Nome, and graciously collaborated with we brewers, similar to the original Iditarod musher and dogs had done years ago. Again, 


 This beer is the first collaboration with the local home brew club that calls themselves B.A.S.H.  Wild Bill has named this beer, THUNDACLAPP, after his trip in Saigon where no amount of penicillin could change his mind. Cheers Bill, it was a pleasure brewing with you and we cannot wait to collaborate with B.A.S.H. next year. Come and get it!!!

By the way, this is the brewer of the year?