Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oyster Stout

Warm summer nights, salt in the air, the gulf on the horizon

Living on the gulf coast is truly a gift.  Sure it gets hot, and we all know that is an understatement, but having nature in your backyard is inspiring.  Sitting on a porch eating fresh seafood, drinking good beer is something we at B&J's are all about. 

This past weekend I was sitting on a dilapidated couch in a friend’s back yard (par usual around these parts) shucking gulf coast oysters enjoying a well-balanced American Pale Ale.  This felt right. Head Brewer Kyle was trying to get them all on the BBQ pit before I could eat them all.  I think he won the race, but I got my fill.  There is something special about all things local such as Gulf Coast oysters, growing a garden, shopping local, eating local and of course drinking local.  This is what we are meant to do.  Don’t rush, relax, have a conversation, enjoy a nice meal, and maybe a beer or two.  It’s time to get back to the basics.  Hmmm, where was I? All dem’ oysters must really make a man ramble.... 

With all that being said those Oysters on the pit must have inspired a brewer to make beer with oysters.  Now, before you cast yer' judgment, let’s take some time and go back in brewistory:

Historically oysters were an abundant source of food.  So abundant that many pubs gave them away for free, kind of like peanuts these days.  Did I mention oysters are an aphrodisiac?  Now during this time period the most popular beer was the Stout, later replaced by the pale ale, but that is a different story.  Now all these stouts and oysters got some brewers thinkin', and typically once ideas are mentioned in a brewery they become reality, and in this case beer with oysters. 

A beer brewed on the Gulf Coast with Gulf Coast oysters, come on Get Crafty Drink Local!  Stay tuned for this local treat in the coming weeks.


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