Friday, August 17, 2012

What a Long Strange Trip it's Been

It has been a fun 6 months!  We have been able to serve a couple casks, have some parties, and make over 35 styles of beer.  The best part about this experience has been turning customers into friends over freshly brewed Craft beer.  Not just the brewers but every member of B&J’s has been involved and affected by overwhelming  appreciation and acceptance of a small Brewpub in our modest town on the bay.  We have been able to donate our beer to small local businesses and nonprofit organizations to help promote their brand, we feel that free craft beer can get anybody’s attention.  It has been our pleasure to enhance our local economy and spread the message of Craft beer even further. 

I started brewing beer at an early age, a little too early according to Johnny Law, and like our Head Brewer, I knew this was it; I would have a MASH paddle on my Tomb Stone!  Very rapidly, a hobby became an obsession.  Brewing multiple times a week, culturing yeast, growing hops, and crazy experiments. Eventually Old Red Beard and I knew it was time to pitch yeast or dump the wort.  A little business here, a negotiation there, and B&J’s Pizza was now a Brewpub and it felt good. Did I mention Jack, Kathy, and Chris ROCK, it’s true.

So where do we go from here?  We plan to expand one way or another, we are implementing a barrel program in the coming future to age beer in wine barrels and potentially bourbon barrels, we have begun a small sour ale program that will only get larger as time goes on, we will always pursue excellence in fermentation and yeast maintenance and propagation, many more casks to come in the future, and of course much more BEER!!!

Thanks for all the good times B&J’s NATION!!!


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