Sunday, February 3, 2013

1st Year Anniversary

A year has passed, and WE are still here.  A lot of people thought a brewpub in Corpus Christi would never work. They called us Crazy.  Well, you have to be a little crazy these days. We Cheers to you Corpus for proving that our town is a Crazy town that enjoys local products, including quality beer.  We brewed 87 batches of beer this year, running our system twice each time. We have enjoyed every moment of it, from all the broken pumps and hot water burns to some of the best moments when our beer is flowing in to the glasses of true patrons and friends.  It has truly been B&J's Pizza and Hand Crafted Texas Ales pleasure and honor to serve you quality products.

We would like to invite you to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary Friday, February 15th.  We will have some very delicious offerings, including Hairy Porter, Sour Rye Table Ale, and a Cask of our 1st Anniversary Ale.  We have plans for expansion this year, we cannot wait to celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary!

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